Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chicken Soup or Tinola

Since my kids loves my Tinola I often make it at least once a week. They'll love it with steamed rice and can eat almost the whole pot. Well, the 3 of them! I love it myself too. Is it somehow the easiest and quickest food to prepare for them. So last Monday I made them the special Mummy's Tinola for their supper. And they were all happy and exciting when I told them just in e bus what they are having for dinner. Imagine that? If they are happy, I am too!

Here's the picture after as well as my ingredients:

Whole Chicken (chopped into big cubes or any cut sizes)
Bell pepper
ground black pepper
Sweet cabbage/spinach/string beans
Potato and carrots (optional depending on what I've got in the kitchen)
Sayote (would be great)
Garlic granules
Chicken cubes/all purposes maggie magic sarap

Ask me my recipe, or cook it your own way as you prefer lol

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