Friday, 22 February 2013


I love food! Any kinds that is! Well, try to invite me over to yours for lunch or dinner and you'll know exactly how I can easily be please. You can serve me pretty much anything from bland to spicy and I would happily eat it. I love green tea! But coffee and normal tea would do me just great. I love seafoods too! And oh, I'm honestly mad about grilling and oven baking! Sweets are my guilty pleasure - but it doesn't mean I can eat it all day! Occasionally, i indulge myself :) I'm such a sucker with anything in orange flavour, cinnamon and creamy! I admittedly used to believed that I can't cook and actually refused to try cooking more than an omelette with the fear that it won't taste good. Until I was brought to lived here in UK and had no choice but to fix food for my kids and husband. There were many times of trials and errors, no doubt with that but I carry on trying until I succeeded. Thanks to my significant other and my precious children for all the praised and encouragement! So, here's a food crib of a trying hard mama who is is hoping to do better in the kitchen. I believed that to be healthy and to live a healthy life is a choice! So, I came-up with 'Cuisine ala Haze' as it sounds pretty to me. It is created today and here I will post my daily kitchen adventure - hoping it will inspire other Mama's out there. Remember that home-cooking is way better than eating out.

Note: All the recipe's that is going to be shared in here will not be all mine. I'll give credits to whoever and wherever I get it ;)


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