Monday, 25 February 2013

Fish Meal

Lately, i have decided to go for a seafood diet. Part of the reason is the lent season and thought i should give it a try. Other reason is to become leaner and healthier. Surely, its going to be a challenge but I'm proud to say that I'm on my 2nd week. Hooray! Hang-on a minute! Have I just cheered myself too early? Oh well, never mind! Its really typical of me to believed that going seafood would reduce this annoying blob hanging off my belly, I don't think so especially when you munch it in with a huge bowl of rice. That is why I'm also reducing my carbs intake so have switched to brown rice too. Well, I just have to do something with my unwanted meat purely because I can't seem to fit all my jeans. It is definitely a struggle, I tell you :( - so I really hope that in a months time I can actually see a slight weight drop. Finger cross for that as I'm still bad on snacking in between meals. Anyway, when I say I'm going for a seafood diet, its literally on the day I mentioned it which was exactly a week ago. And look at my first ever meal on that day...

Shallow-fry tilapia served with sautéed string beans and of course dip in a soy with cut tomatoes. And oh, I had a steamed potato with it but forgot to include it in the picture :) x

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